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Gastronomy Museum of Prague

Prague, January 25, 2012

The Gastronomy Museum of Prague is one of the few museums in this category across Europe an it will open to the public in February 2012 in Jakubská 12, Prague 1.

Visitors can expect a walk through people’s attitude to preparing and consuming food from the times of domestication of fire to the present day. They will learn about the history of cooking methods and food conserving, the development of kitchens and stoves from prehistory to the present, the historycal development of typical dishes of North European origins. Besides the exhibitions, there will also be tasting and degustation vents.

The Gallery of World Chefs explains both the philosophy and the recipes of famous chefs and gourmets, while the Hall of Fame of Czech Gastronomy and Hospitality introduces visitors to important Czech chefs, confectioners, writers and hoteliers from remote and recent past.

The section Czech Protected Food Names – introduces 19 food products (at the moment) that have been accepted as a part of the EU scheme of Protected Geographical Indication Register.

The museum is also planning special activities for children and events to educate visitors to healthy, tasty and quality food and drinks, in order to elevate the act of eating to a the level of a cultural experience.

And if you happen to have an old, interesting photo of a kitchen setting you can run a special competition for the  opening of the Museum!
Multilingual translations will make the exhibition accessible to foreign tourists.

GASTRONOMY MUSEUM, Jakubská 12, Prague 1,


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