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Including more than 300 restaurants in five categories is of course a difficult task. Star rating system is a quick indicator of what a guest can expect from a given facility. The star system intend to assign a value to cuisine, atmosphere and service. Restaurants are compared with similar establishments, offering the same kind of food, and to some extent, are assessed in the light of the overall culinary panorama of the city. Each review is written in order to give the readers information about the characteristics of each establishment.



First-class cuisine in an exclusive setting, a unique atmosphere and an excellent service.



Excellent cuisine, although less refined than in the first category, served in a relaxed setting with professional service.



Good food, casual atmosphere, good service, lower prices than the above categories.



Informal environment, fair food, average service.


Below average

Poor food and setting, mediocre service.


User’s rating

You too, can vote for your favorite Prague restaurants!

Voting is simple:

1) Register to www.squaremeal.cz

2) Log in to the website.

3) Go to your chosen restaurant page and click on ‚rate‘.

4) Rate your chosen restaurant according to the following categories:

- Overall Rating.

- Food

- Service

- Atmosphere

Note: 100 indicates the highest possible rate.

5) In the text fields you can comment your vote and/or write a short review for the restaurants.

Key to Symbols


All Day Breakfast - Brunch


Bar - Cocktail Bar




Tea Room - Tea Selection


Wine selection - More than 50 types of wine


Children Friendly


Wheelchair friendly


Non smoking area






Garden - Courtyard seating


Hill-top establishment


Historic Cellar


Outside - Street side seating


Panoramic View




Roof-top seating


Formal setting


Live music most evenings


Open late - establishment serving food after 23.00


Square Meal award

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