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U Trojského zámku 35/9
Tel.:233 540 173


International, Czech

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Tue-Sat: 18.00-01.00

WIFIParkingWine selection

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1 300,-

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These spectacular restaurant spaces once housed the extensive wine cellars of a nearby, hillside, vineyard - beside Troja Castle. Wine has been in production here as far back as the 14th century - giving these unique spaces important historical significance. When first discovered these spaces formed part of a natural underground cave. These were, some years ago, lovingly converted into a fine-dining restaurant. The underground setting, ancient rugged rock surface is set against new, contemporary features and finishes creating a dining setting of considerable fascination and charm. Guests are insulated from the cares of the modern world by the impenetrable stone walls - transported to a tranquil world where time stands still. What better place to focus ones’ attention on the Chefs’ culinary delights. His contemporary menu brings together a number of Continental favourites such as St. Jaques scallops as well as signiture Czech specials: Wild boar and Roast beef from Czech black bull.



GPS: 50°7'0.649 N, 14°24'40.88 E

Locality: Prague 7

Underground: .

Bus: 112 cca 25 metres

Tram: .

From city centre: .






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