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laterna magika

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Národní 4
Praha 1
Telefon:+420 224 901 448


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Po-Ne: 09.00-till start of the performance. Box Office

laterna magika

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We are the world's very first multimedia theatre, spaning more than half a century. At present, we are one of the companies of the National Theatre in Prague, operating on the New Stage. We are globally renowned owing to our unique approach to theatre poetics, Laterna magika has always striven to seek paths to theatre synthesis, capable of telling stories by means of multiple means: multimedia projection combined with live stage performance. The fundamental principle (interaction between film projection and live dramatic action) has been updated with new technologies, for instance, digital projection, new media, including real-time programmable software. Since the very beginning, Laterna magika productions have blended various genres, ranging from dramatic acting through affording a dominant role to dance, ballet, mime and Black Theatre.
All our productions are original works created for our company and do not appear in the repertoire of any other company!
Box office: 9 am- till start of the performance



GPS: 50°4'52.356 N, 14°24'52.387 E

Lokalita: Praha 1 - Nové Město

Metro: B- Národní třída

Autobus: Nezadáno

Tramvaj: 6,9,18,22 - Národní divadlo

Centrum metropole: Nezadáno



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