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1) Go to MY EVENTS

2) Click on Přidat = Add, to add your events. You can add as many events as you like.


3) You are now in the section Nová akce = New Event.  You need to fill the following fields:

Název akce = new event. Write here the name of your event.
IMPORTANT: Specify that is happening in your establishent. EX: New Seasonal Menu at Restaurant XY.

Subjekt = subject. Write here a short description of the event. IMPORTANT: Make sure to specify in the text the name of your establishement and to link the name to your profile page on the website by clicking on the ADD HYPERLINK icon on the top left of the tool bar, so that a window opens with your restaurant details and contacts .
After you have entered the text, select it all and apply FONT SIZE 3.

Trvání od = lasting from. Write here the starting date and time of your event.

Trvání do = lasting to. Write here the ending date and time of your event.

Pro členy = for members. Tick this box („pouze pro registrované uživatele“) if the event  is only intended for Square Meal registered users.

Přidání obrázku= add photos.

Obrázek= photo. Upload photos to your event.
IMPORTANT: the main photo won't appear on the event page until we approve it. Please send us an e-mail to as soon as you have finished uploading your events, so that we can approve the main photo added. Add the main photo first.

Popisek = description. Write a description of the photo.

Přidání přílohy = Add Attachments.

Příloha = Attachments. Add here documents to be downloaded.

Název = name. Write here the title of the attachment.

If all the editing you need to to is finished here, click on „ULOŽIT SUBJEKT“, otherwise click on „APLIKOVAT“ and continue to another section.

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