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michal restaurant - folklore show

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Náprstkova 8
Prague 1


Czech & Folklore

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michal restaurant - folklore show
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Folklore show in Prague? Experience the unrepeatable atmosphere of Czech, Moravian and Slovak folklore in the heart of Prague! Folklore show, folklore cuisine and traditional dances. The restaurant is situated only a few steps from Charles Bridge.
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Benefits for Square Meal registered users:

  • traditional Czech meals
  • historical centre of Prague
  • few steps from Charles bridge

Restaurant general benefits:

  • live folkore show
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Square Meal review:

A traditional Czech dining experience which combines food with a colourful and varied program of folklore performances. Guests can order from the a la carte menu or choose the fixed menu which includes food and drinks for a set price. The colourful performances, which often take place before large groups of people, include live music, songs and dances from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia.
Musicians use traditional instruments including: Moravian Gajdy bagpipes, sheperds’ Fujara pipes and the Trombita trumpet. Meanwhile the dances include: Polka dance from Domažlice (Bohemia), Verbunkos from Boršice (Moravia), Odzemek (Moravian Wallachia) and Detva Horehroní dance (Central Slovakia). The rustic setting, a few minutes from the river and Charles Bridge, is made up of a series of brick, vauled rooms decorated with oil paintings by Joška Úprka depicting country folk in traditional costumes and cabinets displaying 100 year old, traditional hand-embroidered costumes.

SELECTION FROM THE MENU - offer may vary according to season:
Prague ham on the bone with horse raddish (110Kč).
Roast duck with red cabbage and Carlsbad dumplings (290Kč). Roast pork knee with dark beer served with horseradish, mustard, spicy cabbage salad (210Kč). Filet of turkey with basil sauce and roast potatoes (180Kč).
Pancake with chocolate and ice-cream (70Kč).



GPS: 50°5'3.7 N, 14°24'54.288 E

Locality: Prague 1 - Old Town

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